Working with CTC

by | Jul 25, 2016

CTC provides unparalleled Delaware directed trustee services to clients as part of a highly specialized and responsive team of trust Advisers. Our commitment to deliver client-focused administrative services allows the other fiduciaries serving the client to do what they do best, resulting in a superior experience for our mutual clients. We make it a priority to have only the most qualified attorneys, CPAs, and trust administrators on staff.

Our focus is providing tailored solutions to every individual client. Every trust has a unique set of requirements, assets, beneficiaries and fiduciaries. Our success is a result of our attention to the details of each distinctive feature of a trust plan while working collaboratively with the client and the other trust Advisers to make sure that trust administration is efficient, economical and result oriented.

What sets us apart from any other trust company is our specific focus on trust administration. We have taken advantage of the Delaware directed trust statute to focus our duties on all fiduciary responsibilities minus investment decisions. This structure allows the grantor of a trust to bifurcate the investment duties of a traditional trustee and have those responsibilities assigned to someone who can focus his or her attention solely on the investments of the trust. When the investment powers and the administrative powers of the trustee are separated and assigned to two different fiduciaries, the grantor may gain more control by choosing each of those professionals and avoid the ultimate conflicts inherent in administering a trust when only one fiduciary is responsible for everything.

In a traditional trust setting, where the trustee has all duties of overseeing the trust, grantors and beneficiaries have historically run into difficulties resulting from a feeling of lost control. While it is true that a trust must be separate from the grantor, the use of a directed trust affords the grantor significant choice, in that they are able to place separate aspects of the traditional trustee role with separate individuals, thus tailoring the team to meet the specific goals of that particular grantor and his or her family. The grantor can place investment authority with one individual or entity while allowing administration and distribution authority to vest in completely different Advisers. This can allow a grantor and beneficiaries sufficient checks and balances within the trust so as to afford them comfort with the loss of control inherent in establishing a trust as well as better service from fiduciaries that are focusing their specific area of expertise.

We have decades of experience dealing with trusts of all types that have international issues, tax issues, and family dynamic issues and we have proven to be a valuable team member in helping to address and resolve these issues for our clients. Unlike many other traditional trust companies, we are comfortable dealing with closely held family owned businesses and succession planning within trusts. Because of our focus on administration, we are able to respond quickly and expertly to trust administration issues and can generally turn distribution requests around within a matter of hours.

Our experience in administering trusts for over 80 years gives us great perspective and insight into how to address each new trust that we take on. We have developed a systematic and thorough approach to reviewing trusts and the particular issues involved in each so that tax and administrative issues are addressed at the outset to avoid complications during the life of the trust. Our long time ties with the Delaware trust community have sealed our reputation as trust administration experts. Our professionals are well respected in the community and are keeping Delaware’s trust legislation ahead of other states.